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Title Loans in Union Grove, WI

Whether you need money to make home repairs or you want to start a new restaurant in Union Grove, EZ Title Loans has you covered. Our title loans in Union Grove can be used for anything the borrower needs like travel expenses, paying the mortgage, a shopping spree or covering your taxes. In all likelihood, you are probably already driving what you need for collateral. Your car can be used to secure the loan, so we cut out a lot of red tape and can process loans faster. In most instances, you can drive away with your check in hand within 24 hours. We take applications over the internet, which makes it easy to apply and saves time. You will be working with a specialist over the phone to determine your loan needs. We'll set you up with an affordable payment package, and you may take as long as six months to repay the loan in the state of Wisconsin.

Essential Requirements for Title Loans Union Grove

  • Wisconsin auto title loan regulations require applicants to be over the age of 17 to take out a loan legally. You can easily pass this requirement by providing your driver's license.
  • The state also requires that you hold a lien free title to qualify for a loan. The car title should also be in the name of the applicant who is applying for the loan.
  • To meet the collateral requirements for title loans in Union Grove, you must own a vehicle that is drivable on Union Grove streets.
  • As a car title lender, we do require that you have documentation, a paycheck stub or some other form of confirmation indicating you have a source of money to repay your title loan.

How Customers Can Benefit From Title Loans Union Grove

  • You'll have the extra cash needed for a smooth move to a new neighborhood.
  • Cash from car title loans Racine is a great way to pay off college expenses.
  • You can keep your home and car in good working order with cash to make repairs.
  • Cash from auto title loans in Union Grove always comes in handy for unexpected bills and emergencies.
  • A competitive interest rate on a title loan may be just what you need to pay off old high-interest debt.
  • A little extra cash always helps if you're changing jobs or your work hours have been reduced.

Checking out the Advantages of the Auto Title Loan Process

Our short application only takes minutes to complete and requires your name, telephone number and zip code. Additionally, we need your vehicle information with the year, make, model, style and a mileage estimate.
  • EZ Title Loans provides several stores in Union Grove and Racine where you can stop in to meet us, submit applications, drop off payments and close loans.
  • Our unique matching system allows us to match you with an ideal car title lender in your area.
  • Borrowers in Wisconsin enjoy the freedom to make payments for a full six months instead of only 30 days.
  • EZ Title Loans does not impound or store vehicles for the duration of the loan. If the borrower is making payments according to their agreement, they have full use of their vehicle.
  • Loan repayment packages are easily custom designed to match the needs of borrowers.
  • Online title loans provide customers with an instant auto title loan estimate for their consideration.

Get the best possible rates today with title loans in Union Grove.