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Madison Car Title Loans

Your bills are coming down to the wire - they have to be paid and you need cash to pay them with! You can apply online for a Wisconsin car title loan in Madison and get approved in less than five minutes. No, it doesn't require any commitment on your part...only your name, the make and model of the car you own and a contact number.

That's it. We verify your information, research the worth of your, and send you back a free quote all before you have time to get ready for the day. You can change your entire financial outlook in just a couple of minutes.

Why waste time pursuing high interest lending options? Credit cards, cash advances and payday lenders don't want what is best for you. They want what is best for them, and that equals more money out of your pocket. You don't have the guaranteed low interest rates that a title loan can provide.

Instead, you'll be strapped for cash next month too when you have to make a ridiculous repayment. It will put you back where you started. Aren't you ready to move on and find a more advantageous route to fast cash?

Use Your Vehicle's Equity for a Title Loan

Your car is worth a pretty penny. You know that - you paid lots of pennies to get where you are today. You own your car outright and it's time for you to collect on your investment. The equity available in your car is leveraged for cash. That is the very definition of a title loan.

To secure the loan agreement, the lender takes your car title and holds onto it while you make your monthly payments. No alterations are made to the title in any way. The car is still entirely yours. You can drive it to work, school and on road trips.

As soon as you finish making the payments, you get the title back. At that point, you could start the process all over again if you would like.

So why should you get a title loan over all of your other lending options?

  • You will receive rock bottom interest rates secured by your car title
  • You will pick a flexible payment plan that works for your budget
  • You will have dedicated customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can pay the loan back early if you wish - no penalties inflicted

And during the application process, you will never have to reveal your credit score. You can keep your credit information private, as it should be. Your credit history won't qualify you for a car title loan - only the ownership of your paid-off vehicle.

Apply Online in Five Minutes

Another perk to the title loan application? You don't have to waste precious working hours applying. We take care of all the logistics, making it simple for you to pick up your cash right after you get your free quote and decide which title loan option to go with.

We have vehicle equity loan offices located throughout Wisconsin, especially in your hometown of Madison. Start filling out our online application form now and you could have a fat wallet in just 24 hours.