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Title Loans in Holly Hill, SC

EZ Title Loans in Holly Hill provides you with a way to get cash fast. With just a clear vehicle title and a stable source of income, you can be approved today. A title loan provides you with the funding you need without the hassles or inconveniences of other types of loans. In the same amount of time you'd be driving around to the banks to apply for a loan, you could already have cash in hand. Title loans North Charleston is happy to provide you with cash for any reason. Whether you need to pay bills, make a purchase, or just get by until your next payday, you'll be able to get the cash you need quickly.

EZ Title Loans in Holly Hill Makes Applying Easy

Applying for one of our loans is a simple process. All you have to do is fill out a simple online loan inquiry form. Simply answer questions about your vehicle and income information and that's all. You'll then be contacted by one of our professional and dedicated loan professionals who'll explain the entire process in detail. After you've been able to gather the necessary documents, you'll visit an EZ Title Loans branch. The loan professional will inspect and appraise your vehicle to come to a final loan approval amount. You'll then drive away with the cash you've been wanting in your own vehicle. The entire process can take just a few hours.

EZ Title Loans in Holly Hill Regulations

A title loan is granted based on the current value of your vehicle in relation to the amount of equity you've established. Collateral loans on car title allow you to keep your vehicle providing you're actively making payments. A loan on an auto title is a short-term loan that's typically repaid within 30 days. In some circumstances, the repayment period can be extended if necessary. The vehicle must be in your possession and remain that way until the loan is fully repaid.

EZ Title Loans in Holly Hill is a Better Fast Cash Solution

A car title loan is typically more affordable and more flexible when it comes to the terms of the loan. Payday loans are convenient; however, they carry incredibly high APR's and fees. The loan period is also typically no longer than two weeks making it difficult for many people to afford their living expenses without having to take out another loan. Credit card cash advances are also appealing but also typically have higher interest rates and fees. They also are a revolving debt which is designed to never be fully repaid unless you're paying much more than the minimum monthly payment. A title loan is guaranteed to fully mature by the end of its term. The interest rates are also typically lower than either of the aforementioned loan sources.

Getting Approved for an Auto Title Loan

In order to be approved for a car title loan, certain criteria must be met. You must have a clear title. This means that there can't be any claims by judgments, other title loan companies, or liens. A lien is a claim to property for a debt that hasn't been repaid. A common lien type would be for unpaid taxes. Also, the vehicle title must be solely in your name or the name(s) of the borrower(s). EZ Title Loans in Holly Hill is unable to complete this task for you; it must be taken care of at the local motor vehicles department. After you've completed these tasks, your loan will be approved and funded.