car title loans Catasauqua

Catasauqua Car Title Loans

Lehigh County is full of title loans lenders, but what if you want one right in your own Borough? Our company can find a loan up to $50,000 in Catasauqua for you today. Apply on this very website to find your lender in Catty.

Your car doesn't have to be as old as the George Taylor House in order to be considered valuable. It also doesn't have to be a Mercedes. All you need is a basic car, able to pass an inspection.

Our company only asks you to:

  1. Select a loan
  2. Have an inspection
  3. Send the inspection results along

Here's how it works: once you apply online with us, we'll help you select an Allentown car title loan. Not just any loan, but one fitting the amount and repayment requirements you want.

Instead of searching all around Catty or Allentown for your best options, allow us to locate the best possible investment for you.

After the loan has been selected, take a hour or so to have the car inspected. Once a confirmation of the inspection has been received, you can begin collecting your auto title loan money.

A Catasauqua Car Title Loan in 24 Hours

With our three-step process, a title loan can be acquired in as little as 24 hours. There's no need to wait or fret over eligibility. Our company, and whatever lender you select, will not require:

  • Credit checks
  • Background checks
  • Proof of employment
  • Recommendations
  • Additional applications

In other words, there are no obnoxious steps involved. Credit and background checks take time, and aren't necessary for an online title loan. Why would they be if the title of your vehicle is the only asset on loan?

A lender is not interested in the tiny details of your life story; it simply isn't any of their business. Your boss's contact info, recommendations, and piles of paperwork are only useful for banks and the government. All the lender needs is the value of your vehicle title.

To be clear, lending a title is lien-free. While you refinance the loan, the actual car will remain with you. There is no possession involved, and you can enjoy the benefits of a cost effective auto title loan.

Title Loan Repayment Options

Rest assured--refinancing a Catasauqua online title loan is safe and easy. There are plenty of repayment plans to choose from. Our lenders have options for low or unstable income, and allow plenty of time to complete payments.

42 months is the total time it takes to refinance. It's the perfect length of time; your payments can be kept at a reasonable amount spread over about three to four years.

Our interest rates are lower. Most credit card companies have incredibly high rates, making it a struggle to pay them off. We've found the best rates in the industry. You don't have to max out a card and spend ten years dealing with repayment.

Plus, you can easily change a repayment plan at any time. Car title loans are high reward and low stress, so why not give it a go? Apply on our website today, and we'll get in touch right away.