car title loans West Peoria

Title Loans in West Peoria, IL

It's not unusual for folks to take out a loan without clearly understanding the terms of the loan because they are desperate for quick cash. However, that won't happen with title loans in West Peoria. You see, all the terms of the loan are clearly spelled out in a contract that you'll receive. You will have every opportunity to ask questions about anything that you don't understand. In addition, during the loan interview, held on the phone, your loan representative will explain the process in its entirety and cover loan terms and how they work. EZ Title Loans wants to make sure you are comfortable with the loan process every step of the way. If you need quick cash now, you can start the process with a short application that only takes minutes to finish. Our process requires the borrower to pledge a vehicle as collateral, which entitles borrowers to larger than average loan offers and the best rates around. Loan funds can be used for anything the borrower thinks is important, which is just about anything like covering mortgage payments, making vehicle repairs or paying the property taxes. Learn how customers benefit with short-term loans today.

How Much Cash Can You Get From Title Loans West Peoria?

Loan offers are based on your ability to make the payments and the value of the vehicle offered for collateral. Illinois regulations do cap loan amounts at $4,000 or up to half of your monthly income.

Can I Pay Off Title Loans West Peoria Without Penalties?

Illinois vehicle title loan laws allow borrowers to pay off loans early. There will be no prepayment penalty to pay off early.

How Do You Secure Loans?

Physically, title loans in West Peoria are secured when we place a lien against the vehicle title to your vehicle. This allows us to put the vehicle up for sale if a borrower cannot finish paying off their loan. The lien on the title is removed when the borrower makes the final payment.

Are There Loan Requirements?

  • During the loan closing at a branch store, you will be asked to show your driver's license confirming you are 18 or even older.
  • EZ Title Loans does require a paycheck stub or other documentation indicating you have money for payments.
  • Collateral loans on car title require the borrower to turn over a car title in their name, which is clear of liens.
  • Any type of vehicle pledged for collateral will have to be in working condition.

Can I Expect Some Neat Benefits?

  • Each applicant will receive an upfront loan offer right after applying. Remember, this is an estimate, but it should be close to the final offer.
  • You won't lose the use of your vehicle if you're making payments on time as agreed to in your contract.
  • Peoria title loans pay out in as little as one business day. In all likelihood, you'll probably get your financing sooner.
  • We'll custom design a repayment plan according to your loan preferences.
  • There is no cost to applicants when applying for title loans in West Peoria.

What's Needed for the Application?

  • To be considered for title loans in West Peoria, you must provide the year, model and the make and body style of your vehicle. Additionally, we need the odometer reading for your vehicle, or you may use a mileage estimate.
  • To provide us with your contact information, we'll need a number where we can contact you, your first and last name and a zip code.

Take care of bills, the smart way, with title loans in West Peoria.