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Title Loans in Preston Heights, IL

If you have more bills than you do cash, you could consider taking out a short-term loan. EZ Title Loans makes it possible to get the money you need within a day of submitting your application paperwork for title loans in Preston Heights. If you are over the age of 17, have a paid off vehicle with the clear title and have money coming in from a reliable source, you're looking good for qualifying. The clear title to a vehicle is required to secure the loan. Acceptable vehicles for loan collateral include trucks, cars, motorcycles and SUVs. Collateral loans on car title sure can make a difference when you are falling behind on rent payments, need money for repairs or you want to pay off some high-interest debt. EZ Title Loans matches your interests with a local title lender, so get the best repayment plan and the most competitive interest rate. Learn more about how you can benefit from vehicle title loans today.

Turning in an Application for Title Loans Preston Heights

Applications for Joliet title loans are taken over the internet using our online application. This helps to speed up the process, so you can get your loan funds quicker. To complete an application, you will need the following vehicle and contact information:

  • To secure title loans in Preston Heights, we need a short description of the vehicle you'll be offering for collateral. You'll need to provide the model, make, style and the year of the auto with an estimate of the current mileage.
  • To explain the loan process, we will need a contact phone number, your name and the zip code for your home address.

We'll provide you with an upfront loan quote, so you'll have some idea of the amount you may be approved for as a final loan offer.

Making Sure Your Vehicle Title Qualifies for Title Loans Preston Heights

In order to qualify for title loans in Preston Heights, you must have a clear title in your name. This means there cannot be any lien holders listed against the vehicle in the lien holder box on the title.

Any kind of changes needed to a vehicle title are handled through a local Motor Vehicle Department. You can change the name on a car title, get a duplicate title if yours has been misplaced or get a new title free of liens by presenting a lien release from your auto lender after paying off the loan.

Looking at the Loan Benefits for Vehicle Title Loans

  • EZ Title Loans works with an entire network of title lenders to secure the best possible loan for your needs. We'll do the research to find a local lender and discuss the terms of the loan with you and provide an affordable payment plan to fit well with your monthly budget.
  • Local loan stores make it possible for you to take care of your loan needs like making payments and signing contracts when it's convenient.
  • Borrowers signing up for title loans in Preston Heights receive written contracts specifying the length of the loan, the amount their financing, any applicable loan fees, the cost of the interest and the annual percentage rate (APR).
  • If payments are received as scheduled, you continue to have full use of your vehicle for transportation purposes.
  • Borrowers enjoy quick cash within about a day.
  • Customers could qualify for a loan offer of 50 percent of their income or up to $4,000.

Get the best interest rate and payment plan today with title loans in Preston Heights.