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Title Loans In Hayden, ID

If you feel you've been overpaying on electricity and are considering different ways to cut down on utility bills while making your home a little more green, there are ways you can cut down on power. There are different systems that can be used to power your home which you probably think of usually as solar panels. But some homes also do have wind turbines that go with them, and some even utilize flowing water on their property. But while these ways of utilizing energy can cut down on your bills, they also cost money to buy. But there is one way you could potentially invest in renewable energy equipment for your Idaho home through vehicle title loans in Hayden.

How You Can Borrow Thousands In Cash With Vehicle Title Loans In Hayden

Often if people need some kind of loan outside of using credit cards or getting some kind of unsecured line of credit, they usually find themselves borrowing a large amount of equity out of their home. And for those who don't own a home, their loan options are much more limited. The good news is that just about anyone who owns a vehicle and owes no payments on it can use vehicle title loans in Hayden, ID. Title loans have been used for so many purposes, and you have the freedom to use them for investing in renewable energy home equipment.

The amount you can borrow with these loans ranges from a few hundred to even as high as $10,000 depending on your vehicle's worth. Like other secured loans, a title loan is a car collateral loan which is a guaranty for the lender that they will get paid back and protected against default. But what you do need to do is have your vehicle title on hand and make sure it's reading clear because the lender will need to hold it while you're using your vehicle to borrow money. You still keep your vehicle as normal while you're making payments.

What You Need To Do To Make Payments On Vehicle Title Loans In Hayden, ID

What most vehicle title loans in Hayden, ID are intended to be are short period borrowing solutions. Generally, you will only have a few weeks, though it may be the maximum amount allowed in Idaho of 30 days to repay a title loan plus interest and fees in full. Now there is an option to trigger a title loan refinance if you can't pay it all but can pay off the interest. This will give you an additional repayment period that cannot be a longer or shorter period than the first one, but you can then start working your loan payment down. Idaho does have laws that state that the loan principal does eventually have to be amortized so that debt can be eliminated and you aren't stuck with a balloon payment.

Time To Apply

The great thing about car title loans Coeur d'Alene is you can get approved very quick. You just need to fill out our online title estimate first and then bring your vehicle to get inspected at the title loan agency in Coeur d'Alene. You do need to make sure you have a few documents with you:

  1. A driver's license or another photo ID that can verify you are at least 18
  2. A document that can confirm employment or monthly income
  3. Your vehicle title

Typically you can expect to be in and out of the title lender's place in less than an hour depending on how busy they are. You'll also have different options for receiving your title loan funds depending on how much you're borrowing. You'll usually receive your funds within a 24-hour period.