Title Loans: How To Apply

Q: What is a title loan?

A: A title loan is a loan that someone gets after handing over his or her title to a lender as collateral. Title loans are based upon automobile value, so credit history is not a factor in the approval process. This option is ideal for people without good credit and people who need money as soon as possible.

Q: What are some of the most common uses for title loans?

A: Title loans are typically used for short-term purposes. If you have an unexpected expense that must be paid right away, the money from a title loan is very helpful. In the past, borrowers have used their funds to cover medical bills, home repairs, travel costs, etc.

Q: Where can I get a title loan?

A: You can get a title loan directly from this website! EZ Title Loans provides assistance to residents from across the country. You can submit the online application at your earliest convenience and pick up your check from a location near you.

Q: What makes a good title loan company?

A: A good title loan company is efficient, compassionate, reliable, and trustworthy. It is important to find a company that understands your needs and can provide quick financial relief. You should also be presented with borrowing options that are affordable and customized to your situation.

Q: Can I get title loans with bad credit?

A: Absolutely! A credit check is not required, so you can get a loan with bad credit, no credit, or even bankruptcy on file! Your borrowing amount is based upon the value of your car – not the number that appears on your credit report.

Q: Is a title loan a short-term or long-term loan?

A: A title loan is a short-term loan. Typically, borrowers need fast cash to afford an immediate expense, so the duration of the loan is around 30 days. However, a customer can request a payment extension.

Q: How fast does it take to get approved?

A: You can be approved for a title loan as soon as you submit your online application. The time line is expedited due to the absence of a credit check and a minimal amount of requirements. You can apply today and drive away with cash tomorrow!

Q: How much can I borrow with a title loan?

A: In the past, individuals have borrowed up to $50,000 in cash for car titles! Your final borrowing amount will be determined by the current market value of your car. Details such as the year, make, and model will be assessed.

Q: Can I get a title loan with no job?

A: You can possibly get a title loan with no job. Our lenders require proof of income, but you do not necessarily need to receive a steady paycheck in order to satisfy this requirement.

Q: Can I pay off my auto title loan early without any prepayment penalties?

A: Yes! Our lenders do not charge prepayment penalties, so you can pay off your auto title loan as quickly as you please. If you have the willingness and ability to pay ahead of schedule, you will not be penalized for doing so.

Q: How much does a title loan cost?

A: A title loan is not associated with any upfront costs. You can submit the online application and instantly receive a free pre-approval estimate. Once your loan is funded, you will be responsible for paying it back within the designated timeframe.

Q: How do I get started with title loans?

A: To get started with title loans, simply fill out the application on our website. You will be asked to provide basic contact and car information. Once your information has been processed, a title loan specialist will be in touch. He or she will explain your options and connect you with a convenient lender.